Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Been a Long Time..

..Since I Rock n Roll... I've been meaning to post but have been so friggin busy! One of my past times, is playing guitar hero. The last time I played, I noticed one of the characters in the band appeared to have on black tights and camo shorts. Today when playing "Metallica Guitar Hero", I created a character to match the one that was in a band in the game.
I thought it was neat, to have a character with camo shorts and tights. His pants are actually called, " bandolero camos" I thought it was cool to have an option in Guitar Hero for your "rocker" to be wearing shorts and tights.

On another note, I contacted, and asked if they would be carrying the new Doyeah footless hose that I posted about in my last post. Deb from Luxe Legwear said that she wasn't aware of them, but would be getting some, and they will be ready to order next week! I'm glad I could help those of use out who may be interested in this product!

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