Thursday, September 24, 2015

Adrian Men's 60 Denier Sports Tights

Sorry it has been a while since I've posted.  Let's just say I've been busy and leave it at that.

Earlier this month I ordered a pair of Adrian Sports tights as pictured.  You can see they are almost opaque, and have a double  sporty stripe running down the legs.  They also have a pouch for your male parts.  I tried them on and wow, they feel great!  The pouch is very comfortable, making me want to try more of their line.  At just under $10 at Amazon, they are very affordable too.  I almost look forward to cooler weather to be able to wear them for extended periods.  As far as fit goes, I got large (I'm 5'11", 175lbs) and the fit is great.  I hoping to pair these with shorts for fall wearing once the cool fall weather arrives almost any day now!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Exciting Purchase, Disappointing Purchase

First of all, I was very excited to find these "Three Legged Pantyhose" on eBay.  The instructions in case you can't read say, "The perfect gift for the very special man.  They are oh so nice for skiing, hunting, football, almost anything - even open toed platform shoes.  Three Legged pantyhose are especially designed to conform to the mist distinguishing attributes of the male body."

I was able to "snag" these for $2 + shipping.  I'm sure if I were to try them on they wouldn't have snagged like the pair in the right picture frame.  I bought these Hanes pantyhose with the intention of using them for pictures.  They snagged when I first put them on.  The color isn't the best either, very pale for nude hose.  I won't be buying these again, but I was glad to get the Three Legged Pantyhose, which I believe are essentially the same as the old gag gift, Man-T-Hose.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Activskin Footless Tights with Fly

These are the Activskin A876 support footless tights with a fly.  I have had these for a couple of years, and usually wear them running when the temperatures are in the 40's and low 50's.  I have also worn them cycling with temps in the 50's.  They are opaque, but just sheer enough that they shouldn't be worn without something under or over them.  They were great for running today with temps in the low 40's which felt like a heat wave.  I almost wore sheer hosiery, but figured I would give these a run so that I could also review them.  They are very durable, and will probably last almost as long as a regular pair of spandex tights.  They are available through Activskin at .

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Doyeah Men's Tights with Fly

Doyeah is a Chinese brand of hosiery that came out with a men's line of hose a few years ago.  /these are their 80 denier men's cool opening tights.  As you can see, they are slightly transparent.  They come in the black shown, and also a skin tone which I haven't tried.  They are affordable at about $11 a pair, durable, and only come in one size.  They claim to fit guys from 5'2" to 5'11" and up to 190 pounds.  I am at the upper end of the height and if you were taller than 5'11, they would not be long enough.

I almost got a case of the Doyeah men's pantyhose with the "trunk" called the cool trunk hose with a special "trunk" for your "junk".  I was going to get the case and resell them on eBay, but decided that it wasn't worth the effort.  I almost wish that I did so that I could've got into the men's pantyhose market.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Activskin A549, What I'm wearing Today Under My Pants

This is an example of Comfilon, know known as Activskin's first style of men's pantyhose with a fly.   They stopped making this style a few years ago and I stocked up.  I am reaching the bottom of my supply, and from the picture can see that I have a run in the heel. 

I like the brief portion of these.  As you can see, it is much more opaque than the legs, which makes for a very durable fly.  These pantyhose for men are not bullet proof as you can see from the run.  this pair has seen maybe a dozen or so wears.  Since I mostly wear these under pants, I will still wear them with the run.  The style A549 is my favorite style of men's pantyhose and I am very disappointed that they were discontinued.  Activskin has not come up with anything I've liked as much as these, nor has anyone else for that matter.  The search is still on for the perfect men's pantyhose.

Gerbe Satin 20

Here's another example of men's pantyhose that went extinct.  The Gerbe line of men's hosiery was active for a few years.  Called luxury pantyhose for men, they were pricey at about $35 a pair.  I stocked up on a few pairs before they discontinued them, and I'm glad they did.  The fit and feel is perfect, and they have my prerequisite fly.  If I ever find these on eBay, you can bet I will try to scoop them up as they were one of the best kinds of men's pantyhose I ever did wear.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Cheap 100% Nylon Pantyhose

Sometimes it is nice to wear a cheap pair of department or drug store pantyhose.  The pair on the left are so old that the drug store has been out of business for years.  The ones on the right are sheer to waist No Nonsense.  The good thing about these are that they are inexpensive, but just because they are cheap doesn't mean they aren't durable.  The pair on the left have to be about 10 years old, and are just starting to show wear.  Sometimes male specific is nice, but sometimes hose are hose & cheap ones are fun too.  If you damage them, it is much easier to take than a $15-20 pair of men's pantyhose with a fly

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


My zentai story began with a visit to an adult store to see if there were any new and interesting toys. I found the Asylum Second Skin Suit at the store for a bargain. I took it home & couldn't wait to try it on. Having a love of pantyhose , I thought this spandex suit would be similar. I found the suit very exciting and exotic. The crotch zipper was a nice touch for doing any business that may come up. I began taking pictures of me in my suit. I then started posting the pictures online on various social media sites with excellent reviews. This turned me into a zentai artist. I began collecting different color suits from a local Halloween store that was open year round. With the different colors came different variations of my body's curves, angles and bulges. I also experimented with different poses and locations.

I felt like a performing artist. Putting on the suits would inevitably end up in me becoming aroused, which was easy to see in the tight suits wearing only the suit. The reaction to my pictures on social media was favorable, which gave me more inspiration.

Unfortunately, I did not share this with my wife. When she found out, I took down the social media sites out of respect for her. We have grown a lot in the past year, and I have began taking pictures of myself in zentai again. This time, she will be my only audience as I explore this new love. I want to explore the feeling of the suits on my body, the way they look, how I can pose in them and what backgrounds or areas I can photograph in. I want to be and feel that I am a zentai artist.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Plastic Man Costume Idea

When my wife said I could be the guy in fishnets, I began looking for costume ideas to wear hosiery with for the local (somewhat) Halloween superhero themed 5k.  I found this obscure DC character, and saw that people have used pantyhose for the bottoms.  It looks like it could be an easy & affordable costume to put together - a red leotard, white sunglasses and maybe a cheap wig with some nude pantyhose.  Halloween is a long way off, so I have plenty of time to decide be it Robin, Plastic Man or even wonder Woman.  Does anyone have any other ideas of superhero's who I could dress as & wear hosiery with?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Spandex is Fun to Wear Too

To continue on yesterday's theme of running in fishnets.....

As well as wearing pantyhose and other hosiery, I also love wearing spandex.  Spandex feels very similar to hosiery, and is more socially acceptable to wear, and is almost expected while doing activities such as running and bicycle riding, which I do often.

I started quite a few years ago wearing spandex leggings while running in the cooler months.  I then got the idea to dress as a "superhero" for a few of the bigger races I would sign up for.  Last year, I got one of the Spiderman Under Armour tops as you see in the picture.  In one of the big name races I did last year, I wore the shirt with blue 3/4 length leggings AKA tights and red calf sleeves, so that it looked like a Spiderman outfit.  Let's just say that the crowd at this big race loved the outfit.  I was psyched to find Under Armour just came out with the matching tights this year.  I may not be ready to be that guy wearing fishnets to the local races, but I will be that guy dressed as Spiderman spandex and loving every minute of it.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Maybe You Could Be That Guy in Fishnets

Yesterday morning was a tough one.  I don't want to get into why, because this isn't the place and I don't feel like typing that much...Anyways, as my wife and I were driving along, I brought up another passion of mine - running.  I began to speak about an upcoming race.  The back story is important.  At a recent race there was a guy who was wearing fishnet stockings or hosiery with his running clothing.  I have seen him at other running events wearing similar attire.  The last time I spoke briefly to him, and commented on how I always like his colorful outfits.  He just went on talking about running, almost ignoring the comment about his outfit.  I told my wife about seeing him and talking to him at the last race. 

Today when I brought up the race I said, "I wonder if the guy in fishnets will be there."  To my surprise, my wife said "maybe you can be that guy in fishnets."  I was shocked.  "You mean I should wear fishnets to the race?  You wouldn't mind?"  She said no.  That floored me.  Her saying that made me feel so accepted for who I am and what I like.  I told her that this wasn't the race and I wasn't ready.  Because I felt so accepted I went on to say that I would love to run a race in some kind of hosiery, and said that I had been thinking of running a Halloween race that I've done in the past with a superhero theme dressed as some character that I could wear hosiery.  She suggested Wonder Woman.  I said that I had thought of that, but also thought an old school classic Robin would work because it looks like he wears pantyhose in the old 1960's Batman episodes.  The quest is now on to find or make a Robin costume before Halloween!

It is very fulfilling to be accepted for who and what you are and for what you like.  My wife may not want to involve pantyhose in our lives in every way  I would like to but her being accepting enough to not mind if I wear them in public is very understanding and the definition of true love.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Another eBay Find

Another vintage eBay find, Men-Tite-Hose, an early attempt at "mantyhose" from the late 40's to the 60's according to the auction :

At an asking price of $70, there's no way I will be adding these to my collection.  As with the others I posted, I would gladly pay $15-$25 for a vintage pair like in an earlier post:

I love getting examples of old style men's hosiery, but I'm not rich, and these are too expensive.  Maybe one of my readers would like them, If so. I would love to hear from you if you get them!

Until next time, stay hosed and stay happy!

Activskin A894 Camo Tights With Fly

Almost identical to the A849 in fabric is the camouflage A894 men's tights with a fly from Activskin.  The only difference between these and the ones I reviewed the other day is the camo fabric used.  Same tough durability, same fly, just a different color.  And nothing screams men's wear like camouflage clothing.  A little more expensive than the solid color counterparts, these run $24.99 each.  A little more than the solid prints, but if you like camo print, these are the tights for you.  As for the fetish aspect of them, they're camouflage, so no one will see you cumming! (pun intended!)

Monday, February 16, 2015


In the past I would post interesting eBay finds when it comes to men's hosiery.  Here's one I've been watching.  Pant-He-Hose, from the late 60's early 70's.  another (failed) but great attempt at making hosiery for men that is waist high.  This pair has been posted and reposted a few times.  I would be interested in having these for my collection, but at $35 and $7.50 shipping, they are a little steep in price for me.   If you are interested, however, they are here:

Happy bidding and until next time, stay hosed and stay happy!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

I Hope everyone is enjoying Valentine's Day.  My lovely wife surprised me with this find from a local antique / curio store.  She knows that I like to collect hosiery both men's and vintage hosiery of every kind.  A long while ago ( she surprised me with another find from a thrift store, an old style L'eggs pantyhose in one of those plastic eggs they used to come in. This is a cute find, that although I'm sure I won't use to wash my hosiery, it will go good with my collection and shows that my wife was thinking of me and my love for hosiery.

Body Aware Bodysuit

I had  been looking on eBay for a whie for some new fetishwear.  I had a price range, around $20 - I don't want to break the bank buying clothing for just my fetish and artistic purposes.  Artistic?  Yes, I think it is an art form taking self portraits of myself in various articles of clothing that I like that are kinda "fetishy".

I love the Zenai body suits, but dislike the closed head / face.  The gloved hands can be cool, but suck for taking self portraits with a cell phone. (touch screen and gloved hand)

When I found this Body Aware suit with no head or hands on clearance for $15, I was psyched.  It also has (but you won't see) a penis sleeve!

I ordered it knowing that it was mostly cotton, not my favorite material, but for the price it was worth the gamble.  As you can see, the suit fits great!  It is definitely fun to wear, and well, of course it fits the fetish - tight, stretchy.  The suit however, will fit no functionality.

I can sewe why Body Aware discontinued these.  I seem to remember seeing them for about $30 - $40, so me getting it for $20 with shipping to have some fun and take some pictures with was a great find.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Actvskin A630 All Nylon Sheer Men's Pantyhose With Fly

I love men's pantyhose with a fly.  Activskin has several styles with a fly.  This one, their all nylon sheer pantyhose with a fly is very durable.  This particular pair is in it's second winter season of use, and still in great shape after several wear and wash cycles.  The fit is great, and what else can I say about the fly.  Function, function, function.  The fly is good for every day nature calls and or the other calls that nature make for men. (aka sex).  I just love wearing pantyhose when I masturbate.  I can only recall a few times over the last several years when I haven't had some kind of hosiery on when I masturbated.  The fact that these are great for function, fetish and that they are fun to wear and extremely durable makes them a must buy for men's hose.  They are sheer and light weight, so they don't allow for much insulation for the cold months, but they do make a great extra layer when the weather is turning cold or beginning to get warm.  These pantyhose for men are an excellent choice for function, fetish and fun!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Activskin A849 Men's Tights With Fly

One of my staples in my collection of men's tights and pantyhose is the Activskin style A849 men's opaque tights with a fly.  I have won these in the winter for about a decade for extra warmth under my regular male clothing.  They are extremely durable, almost bullet proof!  Tis pair is in it's second season, and shows no signs of wear.  As you can see they are mostly opaque.  I wouldn't go about my business in public without something else on, as you can see they are opaque but just a bit see through.  At $18.99 from, I find them a bargain based on how long they last.  they come in the blue you see here, and black.

As far as function, these go off the charts.  They are warm, opaque, and have a fly.  They are "stealthy" that you could wear them under any regular clothing, and no one would know you have on tights.  Fun and Fetish?  Well you are wearing tights, and they do have a fly for access, so they hit there also. 

I highly recommend these to any guys looking to start out wearing men's legwear or a seasoned pro.