Friday, November 20, 2009

Ela Patrik Tights Review

Well, I received a pair of Ela Patrik tights from Euro Tights to preview. A pair of womens tights was sent for Mrs. PH, however she was not interested in them at all.

When I first took the Patrik tights out of the package, I noticed that they smelled funny. Not funny bad, or funny ha ha, just that they smelled kinda like a cleaner or disinfectant. I washed them, and hung them to dry. Once they were dry, they still had the smell. Was the smell the "antibacterial" treatment? I wore them for a few hours yesterday. They fit well, and appeared to be well made from a fabric that appeared more than sheer hose, but less than tights. They had mild support, not a real tight support. All in all, a nice fitting and well made pair of tights, I only wish that they had a fly. If they did, I would probably buy them, and wear them more often. I just really like having the convenience of a fly in my hosiery.


Anonymous said...

I am curious about how import duties in to the US are handled. Were there any assessed and if so how did you pay them?

PH Balanced said...

The hose were sent to me, and there was some postage due, but it was only postage, no import fees.

EuroTights said...

Thank you very much for the review!

As for the smell of PATRIK tights, I agree the "soap" smell is from the anti-bacterial treatment. The other styles do not have the smell, but a similar style (also having support and anti-bacterial treatment) from another Czech manufacturer also has a different light smell.

As for the question about the customs, the normal practice on eBay is to put a warning about customs delays and taxes in every international listing, and I follow it. But the customs authorities usually have a rule that they do not tax single items under a certain value that can be assumed for personal use, not for further sale. A pair or another of tights should normally be covered by such rule.