Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another new "Mantyhose"

I found two ebay auctions for "Mantyhose" mens pantyhose with a third leg. It says the brand is Itallia, "Cipry Setal 20" A Google search revealed nothing. Oh, here's the links:



After viewing the links again, they look an awful lot like this disappointing ebay purchase:


14,991. That is what the counter reads. I wanted to put that number in this post for a reference. I know I haven't been posting a lot, but if no one is reading, I may as well quit posting. Is anyone still out there?


Anonymous said...

Yes! At least 1 regular reader here. I check in at least once a week, to most of the legwear-related blogs. I am not a prolific commenter though, I tend normally just to lurk. Not much being posted anywhere at the moment though. Keep it up!

PH Balanced said...

Thanks for your support, sometimes it just seems like I'm talking (or writing)to myself! I check the web for any new legwear products or news, and try to post it here first!

Anonymous said...

Yes PH we are here, dont always get a chnce to check. I keep having to fx problems created by wifes game downloads.

Allen (LAUF)

Eugene T.S. Wong said...

:^) My computer broke down around the time that you wrote this post. Unfortunately, I couldn't respond and say that I do read this blog. Last week, I got back from army training to civilian life.

You might be better off contributing to another blog. People probably don't like to subscribe to many blogs.

Hosiery Advocate