Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tights as a Defense Against Ticks

This year in the New England area, ticks seem to be everywhere. Not on purpose, but by chance, I put on an old pair of Leggs sheer tights (shorts and a sweatshirt too), and went outside to try and start my stubborn lawn mower after it had been sitting all winter. Once I got it started (a story for another time) I didn't want to risk it not starting again, so I started mowing. As I was doing so, I thought to myself, "what a great way to keep the ticks off of me!" Even if one did attach itself to me, when I took off the hose, the tick would come off too, a good way to see if I had been bitten. Just another reason for wearing tights!

The next few months will be difficult for me for blogging. First, as the weather gets warm, and tights are not the norm due to warmer temperatures, I will be thinking about them less. Second, a big summer project may distract me. Please stay tuned, because International men in Tights Day 2011 is coming up in 6 short months!

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