Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Footless Tights

I hope I have not lost readers in my summer absence. A lot of work has been done to our house, and the work (hopefully) is nearing an end.

Over the summer, I began exploring running barefoot or with Vibram Five Finger shoes. It has been a pleasant experience, but as colder weather nears, I am at a dilemma as to what to wear for tights.

A new brand made in Poland has come out, Adrian . They are available at Legwear4Men .

I look forward to trying these out. Unfortunatley, house renovations has put a serious dent in my wallet, so it may be a while before I get to try them out.

Sowhat will you do for international Men in Tights Day? I have yet to decide if I will do anything special, orif I will just wear tights and do what I usually do. Are you going to celebrate the day? If so, let me know!


nylonbaer said...

I´m wearing Five Fingers too. It´s a very great feeling to walk in it. Isn´t it??
But wearing them in combination with pantyhose is a little bit tricky ;-)

international Men in Tights Day (iMiTD) said...

It is a dilemma, which one to wear...

dougaa said...

You can get 5 toe tights at http://shop.tabbisocks.com/categories/5-Toe/ However, they cost $22 and come in just one size, so they may not be a good choice. The only other thing I can think of is 5 toe socks with footless tights.