Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy international Men in Tights Day 2011!

I hope you guys out there (and gals too) are donning tights and getting out today to celebrate international Men in Tights Day 2011. I was hoping to do something very public, like climb a local mountain, but a freak snow Storm dumped almost two feet of snow in my area the other day. School is still canceled due to power outage, and the snow is way too deep to go hiking one of our local mountains (some may call them hills at only 200o feet).

So today I will go out for a run, probably wearing my Footless Comfilon Tights, Model # A876. These tights are great for running or other exercise in cool weather. Yesterday, I went running in their A849 footed tights. Both models opaque. It is almost warm enough to get out and run in sheers, but I will wait until later in the week to try that.

So here it is, the Day for us men to wear tights proudly and celebrate international Men in Tights Day 2011, enjoy it guys!


Hosiery for Men said...

Good to know about iMiTD. Is it always on 1 November every year?

Steve Newman said...

Oops, I forgot to make a point of wearing tights out in public for International Men In Tights Day yesterday. Oh wait... I wear tights/mantyhose to work (with shorts) EVERY day! ;-)

Seriously, though, IMiTD2011 crept up on me, so I didn't do anything special. However, I am serious about the fact that, since it still hasn't gotten seriously cold in Ohio yet, I continue to wear sheer hose with shorts to work every day. The people I work with are aware of it, too. If anyone cares to read the details, go to the LAUF forum and look up the post, "Outed in front of entire department" I think you'll find it entertaining.

Although this isn't from yesterday, here's a couple of pics of me wearing off-black hose with shorts while working in the warehouse recently. Enjoy...

Steve N.


Anonymous said...

I wear tights everyday, so i wore them on nov 1..I wish i could get msn email #s from guys who wear tights like me.