Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Shipment of Tights

I just received my order from I got a great deal on Gerbe men's pantyhose there. Apparently they have them on close out. It is too bad that they won't be carrying them any more, but I made out. I got three pairs of the Satin, for around $22 each. They retail for twice that at Comfilon. I also picked up a pair of the Voile all nylon sheer mens tights for $13. When I went to put them away, I realized that I have a lot of sheer tights in reserve. Before Comfilon discontinued their flagship 549 sheer tights with a fly, I had stocked up. I guess I won't be needing more sheer tights for a while. But need and want are two separate things.

Speaking of Comfilon, I received an email from them, and there is a post at Legwear as Unisex Fashion about Comfilon coming out with a pouch or trunk type sheer tight for men. I personally love the idea. The owner, Steve compared them to Doyeah's Cool Trunk Tights or the original Man-T-Hose. The difference will be that instead of an open or closed pouch/trunk, it will have a fly type end. I don't need a pair, but I want one badly, and I'm looking forward to seeing/wearing these. It may be a little fetish like, but I think it also has some function as well. Fetish, function, practical, I can't wait!

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Fantasy Heels are the shoe division of Fantasy Stockings said...

I tried to leave you message, but not sure if it went through. I love Polish brands too! I'd love to hear from you on my blog as well.
I am also a blogger, but my posts are mostly about hosiery fashion. If there is something you want to collaborate on, let me know.