Monday, August 17, 2009

New Open Crotch Doyeah Hose Available at

You may recall a few posts ago that after finding Doyeah's new crotchless hose on ebay, I emailed Deb at Luxelegwear to see if she would be carrying it. I am happy to announce that she now has them up on the website:
The quote on the footless hose is as follows, "By popular demand, is excited to finally have available Doyeah's Open Crotch Ankle Tights. It combines the cool trend of footless legwear with the sex appeal of an open crotch.

Everyone loves the sheer to waist design allowing you to wear this with anything. " Am I popular demand?

The quote on the footless variety states, "The NEW open crotch pantyhose from Doyeah is just amazing. Its' open crotch feature allows skin area to breathe and offers anti-bacterial protection.

It is sheer through body and has a sandal toe. " Anti-bacterial, OK I buy it!

I find it interesting that the footless version is $12.99, and the footed one is $11.99. What is even more interesting is the regular Doyeah men's hose with a fly is $10.49. I guess in the world of oriental pantyhose, more hose is less money!


raddie said...

Hei ho..

i just ordered some ph from doyeah.. cost abt 14 eur for 2 pairs, one p-sleeve, n 1 underwear.. shipping cost incl.

i'll let u know when they're arrived..

PH Balanced said...

Hey thanks for the comment, and welcome to our blog, let us know what you think of the Doyeah hose. I have a pair of the cool trunk tights, and I love them.