Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well this blog has been active for almost a year. It started as a collaboration between Mrs. PH and I, and has kinda morphed into just me. I wish Mrs. PH would be more involved.
In the mean time, in an effort to keep the Blog rolling, I search the internets (yes, I purposely spelled it "internets". It was a joke on a TV show, can't remember which one) for new material. Today, I searched for Lida men's tights, and found that they Cary a footless version, but I can't seem to find anyone besides Lida who Cary them. Lida apparently only sells in bulk, and I' not ready to get into the hosiery business, at least not yet...
Happy New Year to our readers, I hope to keep you interested, and your input always helps!

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PH Balanced said...

After tping out the post and posting it, I realized where "internets" came from - LOL Cat!