Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Newly Inspired

I was newly inspired to write more, after seeing this blog posted on, but then ran out of time and steam. I like to write, and include pictures, because I feel that Internet readers like pictures, and I also think that it adds to the story. Well, I have no pictures today. I've been scouring my sources for stories and pictures, but alas I have none.

When this blog started, it was supposed to be a collaboration between Mrs. PH (my wife ) and I. She didn't really get involved, and the blog kind of morphed into my reviews and ramblings. I wish she would get involved, but I know that she does not share my affinity of tights and pantyhose. She is OK with me wearing for practical reasons (ie in the cooler months for warmth under pants). She would not be OK, (I'm sure) with wearing under shorts for fashion, or for the other "f" word "Fetish"

I wear tights/pantyhose because I like to. I, probably like many others, tried on pantyhose at a young age, and was turned on by it. Do I wear for practical purposes, now yes. But, do I still get a thrill from wearing them? Absolutely.

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Chan Kraemer / e-MANcipate said...

Hi PH Balanced,

your blog is really interesting and well balanced, that's why I listed it at e-MANcipate.

And, from time to time, the blog works as a unique source of information even for me.

Please keep up the good work - and you have to know that to read your blog is an inspiration for me as well!