Monday, May 17, 2010

This Blog is mentioned on!

Wow, I was farting around today, looking at men's pantyhose sites for anything new, when I decided to look at There in the links section, I found a link to our blog! Does that mean that I am a true voice for men who wear pantyhose? I like the e-mancipate description of this blog: "Good and entertaining blog about the mantyhose with lots of product reviews" I guess I need to keep up the good work, and keep writing!

Sadly, there has been no input from Mrs. PH Balanced. I wish that would change, but I don't think she even reads the blog any more.

Also more disappointing news. I was contacted by someone who bought the Setal pantyhose off of ebay. They said that the "third leg" was way too small. Looks like the Doyeah Cool Trunk have been the only "Mantyhose" that are like the original, that are worth buying!

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