Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who Wears Tights, This Guy

I follow "Runners World" on Twitter, and when I saw a tweet with the above title, of course I had to click on it. It is a funny read about a runner wearing running tights for the first time :

Who Wears Tights, This Guy.

I will say that one of the only things I do like about the cooler weather is that I can wear tights when running. This weekend I wore my CW-X Ventalator tights on a 30k run. They held my knees tightly, and I think helped to alleviate pain in my knees later.
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Anonymous said...

This article in Runner's World is hilarious. You definitely have to post it on LAUF forum.
Thanks for sharing !


international Men in Tights Day (iMiTD) said...

Done, thanks for the advise, instead of a direct link, I posted a link to this blog to hopefully increase readers!

Anonymous said...

Good strategy on your part !!!!