Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tights on the local weather

I was surprised today to be watching the local news, and to see a picture of a man in tights! The weather guy posted a picture of he and his son hiking a mountain, and showed that it snowed. His son appears to be wearing athletic tights (though I may be wrong) under his shorts. I love the look, and hope that it catches on. I was going to post it at LAUF, but wanted you our readers to see it here first. Enjoy!


Eugene Wong said...

Good catch! It doesn't matter to me if the garment is hosiery or not. Any long length garment under shorts makes it easier to catch on. Hosiery will always be better, though! :^)

PH Balanced said...

I agree. If the look starts to catch on, it's an easy transition from athletic tights, to regular tights, to sheers under shorts.