Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do Running Tights Count?

Other than blogging about wearing men's pantyhose/tights, I am also a big runner. I'm currently training for a big very popular race that is held in the middle of April in New England. New England in mid April can be cool. The past two years, I have worn 3/4 running tights or capri's. In training in New England, especially this time of year, I wear full tights, usually Under Armour Cold Gear. I have been drooling over these tights from CW-X for a couple of years. They have sheer panels on the thigh and back of the calf. I haven't been able to bring myself to pay $100 for them though. Today, I found a pair for $50 online. I think I may try them, and hopefully wear them for the big race in April. Running tights do count, and it is already socially acceptable to wear them. You can also sneak in some tights not specifically made for running and get away with it too!


Anonymous said...

In my eyes they do count...

I like to wear sheer pantyhose under running tight..

You have a great blog

Take Care


international Men in Tights Day (iMiTD) said...

Thanks for the comment(s) and welcome to the blog! I too have worn pantyhose under running tights and on the rare occasion, under running shorts!