Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quick Shipment From Body Aware

I ordered from Body Aware on Tuesday. With regular free shipping form USPS, the order came in on Friday! I ordered a pair of their men's tights and lightweight tights, both with a fly. When they came in, as I suspected they were unpackaged Comfilon A 849's and A549's. Both are my favorite styles, the 849 was slated to be discontinued, but it was saved. Not the same with the 549's. They have been discontinued by Comfilon. I wonder what Body Aware will do about carrying them?

I also got a pair of Jet Briefs, in nude. These are fun! The nylon material is soft, and the, well for lack of a better term, trunk, fits well. It is one size fits all for the trunk. For an average guy it fits fine. Those larger guys may find a tight fit. I wore them under shorts, and it felt like I was going "commando"

We still have plenty of time before iMiTD '11. I'm not sure what I'll be doing, but I hope you like me will be wearing tights, be they opaque or sheer on 11/1/11!


Eugene T.S. Wong said...

Why did they save the 849s?

international Men in Tights Day (iMiTD) said...

I read that the 849's were saved because a US manufacturer was found. The manufacturer of the 549's moved to China, and they wouldn't make them in small batches.

Anonymous said...

If these tights were unpackaged, how do you know they were Comfilon products?

international Men in Tights Day (iMiTD) said...

Let's just say that I am familliar enough with them to know! I think I wear them enough and have bought enough of them to almost be an expert!