Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011, Welcome to international Men in Tights Day!

Happy 2011! I knew that I'd be to busy with work and daily life to post for the New Year, that is why I chose to start the iMiTD conversion early.

I'm still trying to decide what to do to celebrate international Men in Tights Day. If I do it by myself, I will probably just go out wearing tights be they sheer or opaque, depending on the weather. If there was a group of readers that wanted to meet, we could do that too. I am located in the center of New England, and would be willing to meet for iMiTD somewhere within a couple hour drive for a coffee, lunch etc. while wearing tights.

I was going to place an order this weekend with Luxelegwear. I had a 20% off code, and was thinking of ordering some more Gerbe men's pantyhose. It was warmer this weekend, so I wore men's pantyhose instead of tights under my regular work clothes. One day, I wore Gerbe, and the other Comfilon. I realized that I liked the Comfilon A549's better, and they are half the price of the Gerbe even with the discount. Comfilon has discontinued the A549's, but I think that these are the same:

These can be found at Body Aware . From the look and description, they seem to be the same as the A549's. Does anyone know if it is true?

As is always please stay tuned for more new ideas of how we can celebrate iMiTD '11 on 11/1/11.


Steve Newman said...

I will be sure to wear my hose openly on iMiTD on Nov. 1st this year.

Although, I do that just about every day of the year regardless . Keep up your good work in promoting the men's legwear trend.

Anonymous said...

men in tights turns me on I just love it!!