Friday, February 4, 2011

Pantyhose in the News

Pantyhose have been in the news lately here in the New England area, but not as a practical piece of clothing, or a fashion statement, rather a way to get rid of ice dams.

In this article it is explained how to fill pantyhose with ice melt such as calcium chloride or salt and to throw it on the roof to melt the ice. Fortunately, I don't have this problem, but I find it funny seeing all the news stories about using pantyhose to melt ice.

Speaking of ice, I am getting ready to go outside and go for a longish run. I will be wearing my CW-X tights under sweatpants since it is so cold. I got these in last week.

They are definitely made fro warmer weather running. I tried them out when I got them in on a warmer cold day, say around 29 degrees, and my legs were cold. Right now it is a balmy 13 degrees, I think that I should wear something over them.


Anonymous said...

Hi there
Can I asl where in NE you are?
Boston Here


international Men in Tights Day (iMiTD) said...

I too am in the great State of Massachusetts, about 70 miles NW of you.

Anonymous said...

This idea really works well in frozen Wisconsin. Of course, adding more insulation to the attic would be more cost effective than battling ice dams every year.


international Men in Tights Day (iMiTD) said...

I am fortunate that I have a well insulated attic, so I haven't had to use any of my hosiery for ice dams!