Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Ever Happened to Man-T-Hose?

They used to be readily available online, but now they are few and far between. I bought a pair a long while ago, simple sheer tan nylon tights with an extra pouch for your "junk". I wore them for a while until they developed runs. In the mean time I bought another pair to keep as a remembrance of one of the first, be it a novelty or joke, pair of men's tights (pantyhose).
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Steve Newman said...

I remember these vaguely. They were way before the time I began wearing hose, so didn't pay that much attention to them. I do remember them being a novelty item, or gag gift.

Actually, it's because of these that we have some of the difficulty with the generic word 'mantyhose' that's being used a lot today to describe tights/pantyhose designed especially for men. A lot of the guys who are wearing them nowadays remember this item, too. They feel that the word 'mantyhose' elicits the connotation of a joke item too much and oppose use of that word to describe it.

I see the point of that argument, too. However, as I've discussed in The Nylon Gene (http://bit.ly/u3pqD), there's no other generic, descriptive name for it that does the job quite as well.