Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Activskin A549, What I'm wearing Today Under My Pants

This is an example of Comfilon, know known as Activskin's first style of men's pantyhose with a fly.   They stopped making this style a few years ago and I stocked up.  I am reaching the bottom of my supply, and from the picture can see that I have a run in the heel. 

I like the brief portion of these.  As you can see, it is much more opaque than the legs, which makes for a very durable fly.  These pantyhose for men are not bullet proof as you can see from the run.  this pair has seen maybe a dozen or so wears.  Since I mostly wear these under pants, I will still wear them with the run.  The style A549 is my favorite style of men's pantyhose and I am very disappointed that they were discontinued.  Activskin has not come up with anything I've liked as much as these, nor has anyone else for that matter.  The search is still on for the perfect men's pantyhose.

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