Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hope the Easter Bunny leaves you (and me) eggs like this!


Anonymous said...

Mrs PH,
Would you be willing to help my wife to understand to drive and enjoyment we men get out of wearing hose? The medical and emotional benifits. She still has a hard time at times dealing with it, partly because she dislikes to wear herself.
Thanks, Allen (Guyintouch)

Mrs PH said...

Hi Allen-

I will do my best, though I will be upfront with you and not make promises that I'm a miracle worker! I don't like wearing either, so I can understand where she's coming from. Please be patient with her, though.

She may email me at phbalancedblog _at_ gmail dot com if she wants to talk off the board, but I'm happy for her comments here as well.