Friday, April 17, 2009

Perfect time of the year to wear

Early spring is the perfect time of year to wear pantyhose and shorts. The weather here is sill cool, in the 50's and low 60's. The other day, I wore Comfilon 549's under my pants to the dentist. Now, these aren't regular pants. They are convertible, meaning that you can zip off the legs and make them into shorts. On the way home, I zipped off the legs, and rode home in shorts and hose. Later in the day, I did some light yard work in hose and shorts.

If you haven't tried convertible pants, they are great for wearing hose with. If you are brave, and want o venture out in hose and shorts, you can, and if you want to cover up, all you have to do is zip on your legs. Perfect for trying out wearing shorts and hose.

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Steve N. said...

Mr. PH, it's definitely started to warm up considerably since you wrote this post. But, still good weather for wearing our legwear nonetheless, right?

I've got a pair of those zip-off pants and I love 'em. Trouble is, I want to get another pair, but can't find any that's made of the same material. These are some sort of synthetic material, but it's not real slippery like nylon or anything like that.

I would lay down the challenge to you to leave the zippered legs at home, though. Commit yourself to going out and being bold, no matter what you encounter. It'll do wonders for your courage. ;-)