Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No sun spots means cooler temperatures

That means that the hosiery wearing season will be extended! I heard this on the news earlier tonight, we are at a state of low solar activity, which means less of the suns energy reaching us, therefore lower temps!

I was pissed the other night. I had on a new pair of Comfilon 549's. I wore them to work, and after quite a few hours, I felt as if they were sagging in the legs. I made the mistake of trying to pull them up, then I felt it.....a friggin' run in brand new hose!
This is the thing I hate most about hosiery. I know that it is the nature of the beast, but it sucks to ruin a brand new pair, especially the Comfilon 549's. The pair I ruined, I got in trade, so it cost me nothing, and I was able to "glue" it to prevent a spead. Most people use nail polish. I use New-Skin, a liquid bandage, esentially the same thing.

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