Sunday, April 5, 2009

This is a post about nothing

Hey If Jerry Seinfeld can do a show about nothing why can't I do a post about nothing! I have scoured the web for ides and there have been no new news stories about men's pantyhose, unless you count the news stories about men robbing stores while wearing pantyhose on their face. Maybe they should try wearing them on their legs, and they would have more luck!

I have noticed an ebay seller took my idea, and is selling the Doyeah hose. I hope they do well with my idea, hell maybe they got the idea here!

If you are interested one of the first pantyhose for men is for sale on ebay here:

Although they were sold as joke in the 70's and 80's, maybe they got some men interested in wearing hose. I have 2 pair. One, still new in the box, wrapped up in the original cellophane, and one which I have worn to the point that it is time to retire it. They are a hair too short for me, and made of 100% nylon. They did wear pretty well however. Not really practical but a fun product, and part of my collection of mens specific hosiery.

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