Sunday, April 19, 2009

Running tights with sheer panels

I went to a fitness expo yesterday, and came home with some hand outs. In one of them, I noticed that CW-X has running tights with sheer panels to cool the runner down!

I wish I knew about these, I would have inspected them at the show. The price is a bit steep, at just under $100 a pair for retail, they are a little out of my price range. I will have to keep watch for them on ebay, or at a discount price. As you can see, they have sheer panels on the thigh and back of the calf, that is supposed to cool the runner down. I just find it a step forward towards sheer legwear for men being more acceptable. If I really had balls, though, I'd just run wearing pantyhose and shorts!


Anonymous said...

Keep track of Eastbay, one of the approved vendors, they sometimes have some significant discounts. Not sure they always apply to CW-X.

Anonymous said...

Just got a notice that Eastbay will discount $25 on a purchase of $99. I tried it and it does include Cw-x. That makes it a little more affordable if you find something else you need to push the order over $100.

PH Balanced said...

Thanks for the info! I didn't see them up close, but I ran a very big race on Monday and one runner had these tights on. The sheer pannel wasn't too sheer, but that just could have been the fit. I'll probably hold off for the summer, maybe get a pair in the fall.

Steve N. said...

This is an interesting development. I hadn't seen these CW-X with the sheer panels before. I agree that it appears to be yet another step in the direction of a more general acceptance of sheer men's legwear. However, I would encourage you to just bite the bullet and go out running with sheer hose and shorts, like you said.

Of course, we would prefer those be ActivSkins, but in any event, it certainly seems to be much more economical to simply wear a pair of sheer hose that provide the appropriate level of compression. They would provide much more complete ventilation than the sheer panels would.

I would wager that as sheer men's legwear becomes all the more evident out on the streets and tracks, these will be seen as a transitional garment. It seems like the non-uniform cooling over the length of the leg might be a bit of an annoyance. But, without trying them firsthand, I couldn't be certain.

I'm going to post a link to this from The Nylon Gene, too.

ferrispaella said...

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