Sunday, May 10, 2009

JT in tights again!

Saturday Night Live _ Surgery Center

Well the video doesn't work here in the blog, but the above link will work. Mrs. PH's favorite SNL host/guest was the host last night. It seems that often, he is on SNL wearing tights. We saw him dancing with Beyonce in "Put a Ring on it" wearing hosiery. We saw him a while back doing a skit similar to this one wearing white tights. Yet again JT (Justin Timberlake) is wearing white tights. You go JT!


Eugene said...

Would you also describe this video, please?

PH Balanced said...

Justin Timberlake is dressed as a breast implant, with white tights, and a tight white shirt, he does a comedy routine. It was on Saturday Night Live on this past Saturday. You may be able to see it on or

Eugene said...

Canada isn't allowed access to We have to change certain settings to fool the web site, in order to make it work. showed a backstage clip of him wearing the costume. I couldn't be bothered to look for more. Other links in the site didn't seem to work.