Friday, May 15, 2009

Mr PH asked that I share this painting...

That I just showed him. It was one I saw when I was in London in February at the National Gallery there. I'm not hyperlinking the picture, so you will have to go to the site itself. We were not allowed to take photographs there.

I showed it to him as we were having a discussion about the painting of the Crucifixion he posted, and how the clothing would have been historically inaccurate, but rather reflected the period of time the artist rendered the painting. The Execution of Lady Jane Grey is also like that. Not that Mr PH really cares about that, he just thought it was cool with the guy in hose.

I know there were other paintings I saw at the London Gallery with dudes in tights, but the Lady Jane one really stood out for me, her gown was exquisite, the entire piece is, in my opinion. The following day I was at the Tower of London and learning more about her execution, and that really left a lasting impression.

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