Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Keeping up on a blog can be tough

It is sometimes hard to find new material to write about. I don't want to write the same thing day after day, nor do I want to write about topics that have recently been discussed in other blogs.

One of my "sources" for information, is ebay. What people are buying and selling when it comes to male pantyhose can be better than checking the news or other forums and blogs. I enter different search titles, and get different results. Today, I searched "pantyhose man" and then searched under title and description, and came up with this movie:

The description of the movie on the ebay listing is as follows: "Pantyhose Hero has caused quite a stir since its first release with many believing it to be homophobic and extremely distasteful. While I understand their reasons, I am of the opinion that this is a great kung fu comedy, which is admittedly not politically correct! Sammo and Alan are cops assigned to a murder case in which the killer is apparently targeting homosexuals. As a result, the 2 cops are 'trained' to act like Gay men in order to lure the assailant into their trap. What follows is a hilarious set of comedy sketches coupled with its fair share of bloody encounters. The finale in particular is extremely violent as well as being expertly crafted."

The movie was released in 1990. I'm sure I could have a lot to write about if I bid on it, but I don't feel like watching a movie with subtitles. If anyone has seen the movie, I'd love to hear your review.

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