Monday, May 25, 2009

New pantyhose from Taiwan; Thanks for reading

First off, we'd like to thank our readers. As you can see, our counter has recorded over 5,000 hits!

I like to look for interesting pantyhose facts, websites, or products and let our readers know about them. I also don't like to duplicate what I see in other blogs, or in the LAUF Forum.

Yesterday while searching, I found a new type of pantyhose made in Taiwan. Here's the description, "It is our pleasure to announce that we are manufacturer & exporter of pantyhose in Taiwan and are available to supply the innovative design pantyhose which have 200% super elastic & ventilative pantyfork. (please see the attached pictures) The features of our pantyhose are as below; 1. With 200% super elastic pantyfork, you may always make yourself at home by wearing it. 2. With leading edge net fabrication, its ventilation nature may automatically alleviate the excess steam out of your body and make you feel healthy and comfortable. 3. Its innovative design compounding automatic machine fabrication can improve the defects of ripping off, displacement, stretching taut, and slipping down occurring in the pantyhose without pantyfork. 4. The key parts of the pantyhose are processed with antibiotic treatment to protect you from germ infection. 5. With super elastic pantyfork, the pantyhose can be flexibly expanded to fit you in every way. By using classy and full elastic fabric for the pantyfork, its delicate fibers extend very a good tactile feeling for you."

I believe that the translation may have been a bit off, any how here's the accompanying picture:
I love the description, " You will always be at home by wearing it!" And it is always important to "alleviate the excess steam out of your body!" Ha!


Eugene Wong said...

That's funny. I'm happy for them, for innovating.

This makes me wonder, though, about what is going to happen in the future, regarding western innovations.

PH Balanced said...

The "East" has been coming out with a lot lately, i.e Doyeah et al. It will be interesting to see what else the west will come up with.