Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gerbe Satin 20

As I was saying in an earlier post, I received a shipment from Luxelegwear on Monday. I washed both pairs, & today I'm wearing Gerbe.

My first impressions of the Gerbe was that they appeared to be durable. They have a wide waistband. I was excited to try them on, and I took a shot of my legs in the hosiery. As you can see, the black Gerbe 20's almost appear opaque. This may just be the poor lighting where I took the picture, because they are sheer, just not too sheer. After wearing them for a few hours, I will say that I am satisfied. The real test will be how durable they are.

I have not yet heard from the original founder of iMiTD. I was thinking earlier today as I went running while wearing Doyeah tights under my running shorts that maybe the whole month of November should be a celebration of men wearing hosiery, and not just the first day!
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