Friday, November 12, 2010

New Old Hosiery on ebay

One of my great sources for men's pantyhose trends is ebay. I look a few times a week to see what is selling under the search title of "men's pantyhose" or "tights for men". I found these last week. I have a pair of Belly Star tights, but they are much more opaque than these. they also have a fly. After emailing the seller and finding out hat these have a fly, I knew I had to buy them. I was the only bidder, and waited until after I won the auction to post a picture so you all wouldn't get into a bidding war with me! I will post my review as soon as I get them.

Thank you readers for the over 22k views of this blog. As we approach the third year of its existence, I believe the name will be changing to international Men in Tights Day on 1/1/11. I'm going to try promoting the idea of the men in tights day for the next year, and see where it brings me, so stay tuned.


Chan Kraemer / e-MANcipate said...

Very nice job - I actually envy you for this pair :

Please post the review. Belly Star was one of the first modern-times manufacturer of pantyhose for men.

PH Balanced said...

Yes, I will! I am anxious to receive them! Do you know how old these are by looking at the package?

David said...

Nice pantyhose.
I like your idea of Men in Tights Day. It could help bring out of the closet all the men who are a bit afraid. I support the idea and will follow you to see the progress over the next year

PH Balanced said...

Hi David & thanks for reading! I'm glad to hear that you are interested in iMiTD 2011. Do keep reading, & don't be afraid to chime in with ideas of your own as to what we can do on iMiTD!

PH Balanced said...

Just posting a quick comment here in case anyone links to this post from these pantyhose are too small for me, does anyone want them? I'll take hosiery in trade.