Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More New Doyeah Hose!

"Full Sheer Long Long Trunk Legging" is what they are called. I had originally posted a picture of the trunk portion, but decided to post the picture of the package (no pun intended) instead. I like the sheer legging, and I like the trunk, but I think I'd prefer a regular front or one with a fly instead of the "third leg". If you wish to see more Doyeah pictures, click the Doyeah link to the right. it will take you to their site, which is in Chinese. Doyeah also had another sheer legging that was crotchless.

I like Doyeah's product ideas, but being one size fits all, they tend to run a little small on me. Their "Cool Trunk Tights" are "cool" for "fun" but probably not for every day wear.

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