Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Selection of Mens Hosiery Packaging

Over the years, I have saved the packaging from the several different types of male specific hosiery that I have tried. I thought it may make a neat collage to show the different brands over the years. In this picture you can see Doyeah, Ela, Belly Star (no longer in production), Lida, Gerbe, A real old Mr. Influential, the original Man-T-Hose, and a couple of different variations of Comfilon. I believe these have been all of the male specific brands I have tried. I know there are some I haven't tried, do you know what I've missed?

Still stomping for next year's iMiTD (international Men in Tights Day) a celebration of men wearing hosiery, come on let's get something going for next year on 11/1/11!

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Anonymous said...

Great job. Keep spreading the smooth word!

- Lindsay & erik