Thursday, February 26, 2009

I had writers block

I had some time this afternoon, and wanted to write an entry for our blog. I want to be creative, not repetitive. I also want to be on top of the "Mens Pantyhose News" so to speak. To get inspiration, I put on a pair of Comfilon 549's. I began searching for something new to write about, and I found it! I will post it here first, then maybe in the LAUF forum, maybe not.

I want to post a picture, but maybe a couple of links would be better. Remember Man-t-Hose, the pantyhose with the third leg?

Well those people over at Doyeah must have. I was looking at, and noticed that they had a new style of Doyeah hose.

OK, you say, what do they have to do with the Man-T-Hose? Well, as not to be accused of posting pornography here, I will provide you with links to the other side of these hose:

If you are not brave enough to look, what Doyeah did, was to make an open ended sleeve for the penis. Now these look fun!

I doubt that these will be placed in the "function" category. I call them "fun" but some may call them "fetish". Either way, I want some! Remember, you heard it hear first!

We are almost up to 2K posts. Again, I want to thank the readers, and especially thank those who take the time to post replies. Until next time, remember, it may be fun to run in pantyhose, but it is no fun getting a run in your pantyhose.


Hosiery Advocate said...

Yeah, I want some, too. Unfortunately, they are sheers, as opposed to day sheers. I'm scared that they might run too easily.

They look like they feel wonderful.

Has anybody tried these before?

PH Balanced said...

I want to try some of these. If I do, I will certainly post a review!

Hosiery Advocate said...

I wonder if women will want to wear a pair of these. I couldn't imagine why, but maybe there's a benefit to women wearing them. Can anybody think of anything?