Monday, February 9, 2009

Yes they have arrived...

But alas, they are too big. When I say too big, they are way to big!
I ordered large, since I seemed to fall right between medium and large on the size chart. When I pulled them out of the package, and held them up, they almost went up to my shoulders! I tried them on, and they came up to my chest, making the fly unusable, since it was by my navel. I emailed the owner to see if I could exchange them. she emailed back, and said that she was sending me a pair of mediums, and to give the large to a tall friend. What a great business owner!

I liked the sporty look, but Mrs. PH was not too impressed with the look. We'll see how the mediums fit. They were definitely thicker than regular tights, but thinner than spandex. Sorry but the real review will have to come next week.

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