Friday, February 20, 2009

No new news

I did a search for "Pantyhose News". I came up with a recent article, however, nothing was new in it, just in a different paper:

Neat poster Mrs. PH came home with! She was joking about getting me some Wolfords, and when she said that she got me something, I was hopeful. The poster was a nice thought, and I'm glad she was thinking of me and hosiery. I really don't need expensive hose, just a wife who is thinking of me and my love of hose is enough for me. As they say , it's the thought that counts!

Although, cheap hose are not all that bad. I put on a pair of No Nonsense STW 100% nylon hose to run today. They are cheap, like $5 for a box of 4 at Wal Mart. Today is my last run before a really long run on Sunday. I'd wear hose on Sunday, but because the run is so long, I wear special toe socks that are like gloves with "fingers" for each toe. Wearing hose for running is fine on shorter runs, but there can be a lot of chaffing on longer runs.

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