Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A very fun surprise found abroad

I was away on a trip for work this past week and a few of the nights after business was settled, we would go out for drinks. At one of the locales, I saw this flyer and asked the host if I could take one with me. She gave me a bit of an odd look, but was amenable to letting me take one.

This was a busy trip without much free time for shopping for souveniers. However, this was so unexpected, I just had to bring one home to Mr PH. It sure is nice to be back. Where I was I saw lots of ladies wearing hose, but no men. Even the guys out running were in shorts. No leggings, hose or otherwise to be seen. Sorry guys.

I hope he likes it!

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PH Balanced said...

Very cool, too bad I don't have any colorful tights!