Thursday, February 12, 2009

The new Shivers have arrived

And they fit freakin' great! Anyone considering purchasing a pair of these, I highly recommend them. The size chart is a bit off, I found though. Unless you fit the chart for large, go with the mediums. I was on the upper end of the medium on the chart, and I should have gone with them. You never know unless you try, that is the downfall of ordering without being able to try them on. I will wear them to work Saturday night, as it is supposed to be cooler.

The on-line friend that I sent the pair of large to, emailed me today to say that he sent me out a few pair of Comfilon's new out of the package, washed never worn. Last year, I bought about a dozen pair of hose/tights from him. For some reason, he wanted to get rid of several pairs of Comfilon 549's and 849's. I contacted him through the LAUF site, and he offered to sell them to me for cheap. I think I got about 15 pair for around $100. Such a deal.

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