Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm at a loss for words

I don't have much to say, but I want to keep you readers coming back. I did my really long run on Sunday. Surprisingly my legs are not too sore. I am taking a couple of days off before I ease back into running again.

Aggh.. I started typing this, and lost part of it because the internet connection got all funky..speaking of funky, maybe I should order something from "Running Funky" for my next race


I'll stick out from the crowd wearing some of those tights or shorts! What color/style would look good?

Before I lost the internet connection, and half of my post, I was writing about how one of the only things I like about winter is being able to comfortably wear tights/hose under my regular clothing for warmth. But alas, the winter is almost over, and I will soon be putting my tights away for the summer.

Last summer, I started wearing mens sheer knee high stockings from Comfilon.
I wear the black stockings. I also don't pull them all the way up. It makes them appear less sheer. Wearing these socks gives at least my feet the feel of nylon in the warmer weather.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your long run. I wish I had the stamina to (still) endure the high-impact on the old back/neck. Long-distance running is part of my past now.

Congrats on the blog. I really appreciate it and makes me look forward to, one day, have the courage to let my wife “discover” it.
It looks like you and Mrs PH have an amazing relationship and I feel many, many of us (men who enjoy wearing ph) are envious of your situation.


dougaa said...

I know what you mean about winter weather allowing you to comfortably wear tights under long pants. I also like the spring and fall because you get some days when it's just right to wear tights under shorts. I really like the freedom of shorts, and like extending the shorts season with tights. I'll only do that in certain situations, but people don't seem to notice or care, even though you'd think opaque tights would be hard to miss.