Sunday, February 8, 2009

When are my Shivers going to be here?

I have been waiting with antici.........pation for my Shivers to arrive. I thought they might be in on Friday or Saturday, but no go. Maybe tomorrow.

I went on another very long run Friday, wearing my Comfilon A879 Footless tights with full support legs. My legs felt great after, considering the distance I ran. Was it the tights, or the Advil? I wonder...

I'm wearing the old stand by, the staple of my hose collection today, the Comfilon 549's

I have on a pair of a discontinued color, kinda a coffee color. I got a whole lot of them from a fellow LAUFer, who was selling his new in package collection. Got about 10 pair for about 9$ a pair, what a bargain!

The 549's are the first men's specific hosiery that I tried. I LOVE the fact that they have a fly. I find it most convenient when nature calls, or any other time you need to "whip it out!"

I found out through reading the link posted in our last post that the picture in the last post about Shivers is the sole owner and employee of Shivers, Mary Penn. One employee, no wonder they haven't arrived!

I like the idea that they are marketed as a "sporty" type of long underwear, instead of pantyhose or tights. Maybe more people will use them, and they will become more main stream.

Almost 1400 hits, wow we are Smokin!

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