Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another line of men's hosiery discontinued

I pulled out a pair of tights I haven't worn in a while, style 2004 opaques from Belly Star. I then went searching for them on the web, to get a picture, and only found one site, who still has them, and they say that they have been discontinued. I suppose my review of them is not really going to matter since you may not be able to find them. The Belly Star men's tights have a fly, a "Y" fly, and are sheer to waist opaque tights. They hold up pretty good, I've had these for a couple of years, and aside from one small run I put in them last year, they are holding up fine.

I do plan on ordering some of the Doyeah "Cool Trunk Tights" later this week. Yes, maybe they are a bit of a novelty, kinda like the man-t-hose (of which I have 2 pair, one un-opened and one which I have worn) . I will be sure to post a review and picture of them (by themselves, not modeled!) once they come in. There are a couple of reasons I want them. First, I think they look like they could be fun to wear. Second, I want to post a review of them here, because you won't get one from the prudes at LAUF!

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Hosiery Advocate said...

This discontinuation is unfortunate. I wonder what happened.

Maybe it's for the better. legwear4men.com doesn't seem to show anything special about it other than the price.