Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time is almost up

It's almost time to retire the hose and tights for the warmer weather. I still wear them on occasion when it's warmer, but not under my work clothing. It just is too warm in the spring and summer.

Tonight, I almost didn't wear legwear under my regular clothing. I looked a the extended forecast, and saw that it would be cooler, and I did wear my A549's from Comfilon. The 549's do have to be my favorite hose. I remember when I first read about them in some type of men's magazine years ago. Before reading the short article, I never knew that there was a thing as men's pantyhose.

A second place prize goes to athletic spandex tights and shorts. I enjoy the feel of them, as they do feel a bit like hosiery, just with out the feet. It is also OK to wear them. If you are running or cycling, no one think differently if you are wearing "tights" Why does putting feet on them make then so different?

Speaking of which, I bought a pair of men's 3/4 running tights (knickers). If you remember, I was going to buy a case of Doyeah Cool Trunk tight, but chose to buy these running tights instead. I am so glad I did buy the running tights. They fit great, and work well when it i still a little cool out. I like having my knees covered when it is cooler out, they tend to ache less when covered. These 3/4 length tights did the trick.

When I first started cycling, I found it necessary to wear padded spandex shorts to help my ass from being sore from the seat. I never imagined wearing the spandex shorts alone without another pair of shorts over them. When I first did it, it seemed so wrong, but felt so good. It felt like I was just wearing my underwear. And, of course, the spandex also feel a bit like hosiery

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Steve N. said...

I agree about it almost being beyond (opaque) tights season. BUT, today it was 32 in Columbus this morning. So, I pulled out a pair of black A869s and put them on--still wore them with shorts, though.

Went to daily mass with my wife, and one of the older ladies on the way out commented, 'now that's some sharp dressing!' and pointed towards my tights.