Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Maybe I was a bit harsh

I do like the LAUF forum, I really do. It just seems sometimes that they are a bit prude. I understand that the owner of the forum doesn't want it to turn into a porn site, but come on, any mention of the F word (fetish) or any inkling that something may be conceived as a fetish, and it is all done.

There was a lot of discussion and support for Doyeah, when they first came out with the mens hose/tights with a fly. However, once the Cool Trunk hose came out, it was a bad thing, because it may be considered a fetish item. I wonder how many LAUFer's have looked at the whole Doyeah mens collection?

I was going to post a picture, ah what the heck, this isn't LAUF!
Just one of Doyeah's many "underwear" products. Here's the description of this one, as translated by Google: "Very strange man underwear, like a condom plus a small pocket " I think I could have figured that one out. The material looks to be rather sheer. Trust me there are more kinky underwear for sale on this site than you can shake a stick at.

Just another analogy that occurred to me. If I buy and wear the Doyeah hose with the appendage, the Cool Trunk hose, and I am considered a fetishist, what does that make a woman who wears crotchless pantyhose or underwear?


dougaa said...

I know what you mean about the LAUF forum, but I'm not sure it would be possible to have a forum which is less "prudish" without it turning into a full-blown fetish site. As a long time reader of forums in general and legwear forums in particular, it's clear that it's a "give them an inch they'll take a mile" kind of situation. Also, LAUF advocates legwear as a legitimate, ordinary fashion item for men. As hard as that is to accomplish, it would be even harder if the discussions included men wearing for fetish reasons. People thinking that wearing must be for a fetish is perhaps one of the biggest stumbling blocks to acceptance as ordinary clothes for guys. So I think Don is doing what is necessary for the goals of LAUF, even if it excludes some discussions that men who are interested in legwear would like to have.

With respect to the Doyeah hose with the appendage, part of the issue might be a cultural difference between China and the US. But it also has a unique problem because adult stores here have sold pantyhose for men with the appendage as a joke kind of novelty item with a sexual association. For people aware of that, it's the first thing that comes to mind when hose with an appendage is mentioned.

Mrs PH said...

Hi Doug, Mrs PH here.

I totally get what you're saying Doug, and I respect what the mods are trying to do, but at the same time wish there was a little more freedom to talk there, in a grown up way, to learn from one another about the fetish. Pictures are not necessary to have that discussion, IMO. And clearly to me, after posting the poll a while back, there seems to be a very even division of function/fetish and combination thereof.

But I so understand how moderating a board is hard work and when you get into sticky areas such as that, makes it even more difficult, and one can only put so many hours into it.

It's just unfortunate for those of us that are in a situation such as my own that there's one extreme or the other with the information out there. And being stuck in the middle, so to speak is hard. And because there's so little out there, it feels very isolating. Which is why I started this site with Mr because there isn't a place that has it's fair share of both. Now mind you I don't appreciate the fetish side and don't like the sites that do. So because of that, I wanted to open up the door to talk about both. Unfortunately though, I'm not getting what I hoped from this blog, though I'm not giving up!

I don't plan on ever appreciating the fetish side, but having a greater understanding isn't a bad thing.

I think overall though, sexuality is such an uncomfortable thing to talk about for so many. And when it gets down to things that are a little off the wall, or not the "normal" (subjective word here) kinks, it's even harder to discuss without having some sort of prejudicial notion. I know I'm guilty of it myself.

Eugene Wong said...

This is an interesting discussion.

There have been LAUF discussions about crotchless hosiery, and men have talked about wearing it. Apparently crotchless hosiery isn't a fetish item to the LAUF moderators.

Hosiery Advocate said...

Right now, I'm going through my entire blog to save a copy of every entry. I want to write a book and share with people all of my entries, so that they won't have to sift through MySpace.

I came across this entry, from 3 years ago, about how I suspected that they were becoming intolerant. I'm interested in hearing what you all think.