Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So that's what it's like to have foreskin!

I bet that title caught your attention! If I had to describe them in one quick phrase, that would be it! I had a little more time today, and again tried on the Doyeah Cool Trunk tights. Maybe because I took a little more time this time, I did find that they fit better. I may be used to a higher waist, and that is why the waist felt kinda low when I tried them on the other day. I read that these are exactly the same as the Doyeah men's hose with a fly, except they have a trunk instead of the fly. After wearing them for a little bit, I did find the fit comfortable. Not sure how practical the trunk would be, but, the fit from the legs to the trunk, for me was perfect. The hose have a sheen and thus probably a high glide factor under pants. After a second wearing, I like them much more, and would consider buying them or the ones with a fly in the future.

By the way, I found someone selling the fly type on ebay last night.

Interesting name, and wow they are price gouging! I had to watch the auction to see if anyone buys these for that price.

There was another article today about mantyhose.

With all the articles about mens hosiery, and them all calling mens hosiery "Mantyhose" I wonder if actually creating a brand of mens hosiery called "Mantyhose" would sell? I know there's been a lot of free advertising about it!


Hosiery Advocate said...

Hi! Thanks for the review. I think that your review kind of matches my expectations. I didn't expect them to be great, and I didn't expect them to be bad.

PH Balanced said...

Actually after wearing them for a little bit, I do like them more. Time will tell. I eventually would like to try their hose with a fly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review, i've tried these as well as the ones with the fly, both don't fit me too well. i'm 5'9" and 200 lbs. the cool trunk is definitely more comfortable if you plan to ever use the fly on the other. the fly is kind of upside down compared to the comfilon fly and really pinches you. also found that the seam just above the sleeve on the cool trunk hose also felt like it was kinda cutting into me so to speak.

PH Balanced said...

I really want to try the ones with the fly. I've read that the opaque ones fit better for someone of my size(5'11", 175-180) than the sheers, but If the sheer hose with the fly are anything like the cool trunk I definately want to try them. I kinda like the shiny look! Welcome to the blog, and thanks for posting!