Thursday, February 12, 2015

Activskin A849 Men's Tights With Fly

One of my staples in my collection of men's tights and pantyhose is the Activskin style A849 men's opaque tights with a fly.  I have won these in the winter for about a decade for extra warmth under my regular male clothing.  They are extremely durable, almost bullet proof!  Tis pair is in it's second season, and shows no signs of wear.  As you can see they are mostly opaque.  I wouldn't go about my business in public without something else on, as you can see they are opaque but just a bit see through.  At $18.99 from, I find them a bargain based on how long they last.  they come in the blue you see here, and black.

As far as function, these go off the charts.  They are warm, opaque, and have a fly.  They are "stealthy" that you could wear them under any regular clothing, and no one would know you have on tights.  Fun and Fetish?  Well you are wearing tights, and they do have a fly for access, so they hit there also. 

I highly recommend these to any guys looking to start out wearing men's legwear or a seasoned pro.

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Anonymous said...

I found Platino Luxe Fata, with the new and improved waistband. 100% opaque, looks like liquid leather.Go to, buy a pair, and tell us how long they last! The maker finally got rid of the old, weaker scalloped waistband, thank goodness!