Friday, February 20, 2015

Maybe You Could Be That Guy in Fishnets

Yesterday morning was a tough one.  I don't want to get into why, because this isn't the place and I don't feel like typing that much...Anyways, as my wife and I were driving along, I brought up another passion of mine - running.  I began to speak about an upcoming race.  The back story is important.  At a recent race there was a guy who was wearing fishnet stockings or hosiery with his running clothing.  I have seen him at other running events wearing similar attire.  The last time I spoke briefly to him, and commented on how I always like his colorful outfits.  He just went on talking about running, almost ignoring the comment about his outfit.  I told my wife about seeing him and talking to him at the last race. 

Today when I brought up the race I said, "I wonder if the guy in fishnets will be there."  To my surprise, my wife said "maybe you can be that guy in fishnets."  I was shocked.  "You mean I should wear fishnets to the race?  You wouldn't mind?"  She said no.  That floored me.  Her saying that made me feel so accepted for who I am and what I like.  I told her that this wasn't the race and I wasn't ready.  Because I felt so accepted I went on to say that I would love to run a race in some kind of hosiery, and said that I had been thinking of running a Halloween race that I've done in the past with a superhero theme dressed as some character that I could wear hosiery.  She suggested Wonder Woman.  I said that I had thought of that, but also thought an old school classic Robin would work because it looks like he wears pantyhose in the old 1960's Batman episodes.  The quest is now on to find or make a Robin costume before Halloween!

It is very fulfilling to be accepted for who and what you are and for what you like.  My wife may not want to involve pantyhose in our lives in every way  I would like to but her being accepting enough to not mind if I wear them in public is very understanding and the definition of true love.

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