Saturday, February 21, 2015

Spandex is Fun to Wear Too

To continue on yesterday's theme of running in fishnets.....

As well as wearing pantyhose and other hosiery, I also love wearing spandex.  Spandex feels very similar to hosiery, and is more socially acceptable to wear, and is almost expected while doing activities such as running and bicycle riding, which I do often.

I started quite a few years ago wearing spandex leggings while running in the cooler months.  I then got the idea to dress as a "superhero" for a few of the bigger races I would sign up for.  Last year, I got one of the Spiderman Under Armour tops as you see in the picture.  In one of the big name races I did last year, I wore the shirt with blue 3/4 length leggings AKA tights and red calf sleeves, so that it looked like a Spiderman outfit.  Let's just say that the crowd at this big race loved the outfit.  I was psyched to find Under Armour just came out with the matching tights this year.  I may not be ready to be that guy wearing fishnets to the local races, but I will be that guy dressed as Spiderman spandex and loving every minute of it.

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