Friday, February 13, 2015

Actvskin A630 All Nylon Sheer Men's Pantyhose With Fly

I love men's pantyhose with a fly.  Activskin has several styles with a fly.  This one, their all nylon sheer pantyhose with a fly is very durable.  This particular pair is in it's second winter season of use, and still in great shape after several wear and wash cycles.  The fit is great, and what else can I say about the fly.  Function, function, function.  The fly is good for every day nature calls and or the other calls that nature make for men. (aka sex).  I just love wearing pantyhose when I masturbate.  I can only recall a few times over the last several years when I haven't had some kind of hosiery on when I masturbated.  The fact that these are great for function, fetish and that they are fun to wear and extremely durable makes them a must buy for men's hose.  They are sheer and light weight, so they don't allow for much insulation for the cold months, but they do make a great extra layer when the weather is turning cold or beginning to get warm.  These pantyhose for men are an excellent choice for function, fetish and fun!

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