Wednesday, February 25, 2015


My zentai story began with a visit to an adult store to see if there were any new and interesting toys. I found the Asylum Second Skin Suit at the store for a bargain. I took it home & couldn't wait to try it on. Having a love of pantyhose , I thought this spandex suit would be similar. I found the suit very exciting and exotic. The crotch zipper was a nice touch for doing any business that may come up. I began taking pictures of me in my suit. I then started posting the pictures online on various social media sites with excellent reviews. This turned me into a zentai artist. I began collecting different color suits from a local Halloween store that was open year round. With the different colors came different variations of my body's curves, angles and bulges. I also experimented with different poses and locations.

I felt like a performing artist. Putting on the suits would inevitably end up in me becoming aroused, which was easy to see in the tight suits wearing only the suit. The reaction to my pictures on social media was favorable, which gave me more inspiration.

Unfortunately, I did not share this with my wife. When she found out, I took down the social media sites out of respect for her. We have grown a lot in the past year, and I have began taking pictures of myself in zentai again. This time, she will be my only audience as I explore this new love. I want to explore the feeling of the suits on my body, the way they look, how I can pose in them and what backgrounds or areas I can photograph in. I want to be and feel that I am a zentai artist.

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