Monday, February 9, 2015

Doyeah Men's Sheer Pantyhose

To restart this blog, I would like to start with a review of the Doyeah brand men's pantyhose.

This is one of heir first offerings, they have been out for a while now.  The cool opening model number 838 10 denier men's pantyhose with a fly.  They have only one size, fitting guys up to 5'11" and 190 lbs.

I got these through, who currently have a clearance sale going on with their footless versions of the Doyeah brand.

I find the fit alright for a one size fits all.  I am 5'11", and 175 lbs and find them to fit OK.  Any taller or heavier might not make for a good fit.  These are 10 denier, so as you can see they are rather sheer.  As for durability, I have worn them a few times, and they do have a run.  At $12.49, they are reasonable for men's pantyhose, and of course they do have, in my opinion, the most important option in men's pantyhose - a working fly.

Although not my favorite men's pantyhose they do look good and are comfortable.  They aren't super durable, but that happens with the more sheer hose.  I wouldn't rule them out but all in all they aren't my favorite men's pantyhose.


Anonymous said...

Being 6ft, 200lbs puts a damper on wearing any Doyeah products however, they do offer their 0898 "pouch" tights in XL. I bought a pair just to try them out and they're extremely comfortable despite the fact they're more velvety than silky.

PH Balanced Blog said...

I will have to try those, an extra large size for me may be more comfortable.